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Buying Shoes

By Nicoleao @momfever

brantanoI like buying shoes. I really do! But buying running shoes is the exception, because then the choice of shoe isn’t really up to me, now is it?

It’s up to my feet, and the Shoe Guy. And my feet are very picky, and in cahoots with the Shoe Guy. And together they don’t choose the pretty ones. They pick the ones that are the most sensible.

So whenever I’ve been to the store looking for running shoes, I feel this urgent need to compensate by doing some online shoe shopping where I get to pick and choose! Yesterday I went to Brantano, where they offer shoes for all the family. When I got there I was greeted by this really big banner saying: ‘Mid Season Sale’ and I felt my heart rate go straight into my optimal training zone! And I didn’t even have to run to get there. I just love a good sale.

As I was browsing their online store I stumbled upon something I hadn’t seen before, but which impressed me greatly: a handy device which allows you to measure your kids feet at home! I love this, because the one drawback of buying shoes online is that you can’t try them on first. And especially with kids, a good fit is very important. Once you’re done measuring you simply enter your child’s measurements into the size calculator online. Make a note of the size and then you’re off to shop.

They should make something like that to calculate the right running shoe!

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