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Butterfly Parade

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Butterfly Parade

A bud will burst open

Flashy color on display

Standing proudly, for just a few days

Faded petals drop one by one

Life was short, but brilliantly done

A butterfly is born but soon to die

Only a few days it has to fly

Parading around fairy meadows

Before resting forever within the shadows

Life was short, but brought pure joy

Chased with the net of a little boy

Time is meant for precious things

Love and laughter make the heart sing

Caring and giving to one lacking color

Exchanging smiles and thoughts

With one and another

Life was short, but full with love

Moments spent giving hugs

Forever etched in a loved-ones mind

Never to be forgotten, never to forget

Lasting memories with few regrets

Memories live longer than life

If made with love and true delight

Petals drop as life fades

Dreaming of butterfly parades

Flowers flashy on display

Placed around a summer grave

Life was short, but it was blessed

A heart at peace is able to rest

Renee Robinson

Butterfly Parade

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