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Butterfly Collage

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Butterfly CollageJust about any Eric Carle book can make a good visual aid to this project.
1. It is important to begin with quality watercolor paper, one that has texture on one side. Give each student two 9" x 9" sheets – one is for painting and one is to save for the background.
2. Distribute a wide (1" or more) flat brush, acrylic paints, a paper plate and scrap paper to each student. Demonstrate how the students can dispense a little paint on the paper plate, spread it on the scrap paper until streaks start to show, and then apply it to the watercolor paper, textured side up. Each student should fill their paint sheet mostly with the main butterfly color, and then smaller sections for the antenna, rectangle body, and details.
3. Once the paint is dry, the butterfly wings need to be cut out. Older students can cut one wing out, flop it and trace for the opposite side. Younger students may need a template they can trace.
4. After all the butterfly wings, body, antenna and details are cut out, arrange them on the remaining sheet of paper. Once the cutting is complete, everything can be glued down with white glue.

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