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But They're So Darn Cute...

By Babyjandbean
The dudes were getting pretty shaggy so they got haircuts earlier this week when my mother was here.
In case you didn't know, my mother is a hairdresser.

Both of them really dislike getting their hair cut. They especially hate the clippers. Because they go bonkers it's stressful for everyone involved, we don't do it often.  

I know, I know. We should do it more frequently so they get desensitized.

This time we tried distracting them with the DVD player, music, toys, treats, holding them, and covering their ears. Nothing worked.
They were both pretty distraught but they recovered quickly and looked so darn cute when my mother was done.
I really hope they grow out of this soon. What do you do to help your kids (and yourself) through haircuts or other stressful, but necessary, times?
But they're so darn cute...
But they're so darn cute...

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