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Bury Me In My Boots – The Cadillac Three – Album REVIEW

Posted on the 03 August 2016 by Hendrik Pape @soundcheckblg

This Friday Jaren, Neil & Kelby aka The Cadillac Three release Bury Me In My Boots the bands sophomore album following up 2012's self titled album. I remember talking to the boys back in February in Toronto before they opened the show for Chase Rice at the Danforth. The guy's were talking about how they were just finishing things up on the album that week in Nashville. Well August 5th the album hits the pavement. However, I had a chance to hear the album as of 11:01 PM August 2nd. I don't review many albums but this one deserves it.

Clicking play and putting my earphones on to make sure I got the best possible sound. I wanted to feel as though Kelby's Slide sounded like I was sitting side stage at a show. I had been waiting awhile for this one. Lets walk through this one.

Track 1 - Bury Me in My Boots kicks the album off with Jaren's voice filling my head with a kick ya in the teeth kinda sound, something you never can forget. It has a bit bigger sound than anything off the previous album.

Track 2 - Slide - Is tied for favourite song on the album, Love that beat that Neil is layin' down and feel this would be a hell of a song to see live.

Track 3- Drunk Like You - Lets you grab your breath after Slide. Kelby's wicked playin' mixed with Jaren's voice on this one is kinda like Slash and Axel rockin' the stage.

Track 4 - Graffiti - Is as song that the TC3 released back in January and is another solid cut, There is a part in the song where Jaren sings "This town is ours, cross our hearts, keep our secrets safe, And every tale will be swept into our graves. To all the jocks and the punks. The freaks and the hippies Yea we're small town famous, our names in graffiti". Just hearing these lyrics kinda brought me back.

Track 5 - Buzzin' - When this one kicked in, it totally had me in a Lou Reed / Walk on The Wildside type feel to it with maybe just a cleaner sound. I liked the slow jam feel on this one.

Track 6 - Party Like You - If you know TC3 then you know this song. Originally released back in 2014 this is just a pure party anthem. I have seen the boys on a couple of occasions and you can always see the crowd get up for this one,

Track 7 - Ship faced - A well written slow groove that kinda gives ya that "Pontoon" by Little Big Town feel. Great cut.

Track 8 - Sound Pack to A Six Pack - This one is rockin' and could have really only gotten better if they had Kid Rock sing a chorus or two. This one has you turn it up a lil more.

Track 9 - White Lightning - Again if you are reading this you are likely a fan of TC3 and you know how good this song is. And if you haven't heard this one check out the video here. This could be one of my favourite songs EVER. Forget about the album. Jaren's delivery on this one is just epic. And when you see it live your hair will stand up on the back of your neck it's that good!

Track 10 - The South - This one really doesn't need any comments i don't think. This is the bands anthem in a sense. And the crowds eat it up! "From daddy's Don Williams to mama's Patsy Cline oh,
We're walkin' after midnight" singing Tulsa time, oh, yeah" Love those lyrics.

Track 11 - The Accent - Love this one, just has a good feel. The galloping sound along with more fantastic vocals not sure if it would ever be a single but it is catchy.

Track 12 - Peace, Love & Dixie - Is likely my least favourite on the album but still isn't a skippable song. At one point of the song I was waiting for Ozzy to chime in "I Am Ironman" with the sound of guitar whaling.

Track 13 - Hot Damn - "Girl you put the Sex in SEXY" is how this one starts and well, Hot Damn is a fun song with the some cool vocals and great guitar riffs.

Trac 14 - Runnin' Red Lights - I had the pleasure of hearing this one on the tour bus Live for an acoustic session and all I can say is this song sounds great either acoustic or plugged in. Still gonna say the acoustic version is my favourite. I love how Jaren wrapped up this one up with a solid vocal.

As most know I am a huge fan of TC3 and the boys song writing capabilities. I am happy to see the fellas kept a couple beauty's for them self on this one. The boys didn't really stray to far from what has put them on the map thus far. Solid album from start to finish and to be honest that doesn't happen much anymore. Most artists put out a 10-12 song album that may have 5 or 6 good cuts. As you have just read this one has 14 slick tracks that will have you rockin' out for the rest of the summer.

Bury Me In My Boots is a Killer album worth every cent. I think it may even sound better on vinyl. Be sure to pick it up on Friday over at iTunes ( Click Here to Purchase)

Don't miss the TC3

August 31st @ Cowboys in London, Ontario

September 1ar @ Molson Amp Theatre - Toronto (Opening for Florida Georgia Line)

And hopefully a few more Canadian dates later this year.

Corey Kelly / @CoreyKelly76

Bury Me In My Boots – The Cadillac Three – Album REVIEW
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Bury Me In My Boots – The Cadillac Three – Album REVIEW

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