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Burning Bridges

By Nick Chaleunphone @Kamododragoon

Burning BridgesNicky:

It just shows how much the Trans community has burned many bridges and have made more enemies than allies. Pretty soon, they won’t have many allies left and will have many enemies that will want them gone.

Burning BridgesOriginally posted on whoiscis:

My name is Justin, and I’m a transphobe. Now, one may ask, why ever would you be one of those? isn’t this group of people stigmatized and marginalized far too much as is? Don’t they face horrible conditions and increased risk for violence and harassment? Do you contribute to this?

I have this blog which is a gender critical piece of cyberspace. I run HomoSEXuals Not HomoGENDERuals on Facebook and I was recently doxxed and identified as a contributor or “member” of Gender Identity Watch. And no, I don’t consider any of my work around this issue to contribute to any of the above questions. Questioning the validity of gender as an innate feeling and thus a physical reality doesn’t make one a Transphobe. But apparently it does according to the Trans crowd, and if so, fine, hand me that moniker. I no longer care if I’m smeared by…

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