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Buns, Buns, Buns

By Crustabakes

Besides the common round buns, these are some of the other shapes that the Asian sweet bread buns take form

Buns, buns, buns

The caterpillar buns

For instructions on how to shape these buns, head over to Happy Home Baking


Buns, buns, buns

and the sakura buns. I don’t have a reference on how to shape the sakura buns. But it is pretty easy. You just filling in the dough as per usual, flatten it a bit and using a knife make 5 mini slits around the circumferece bread at regular intervals before you leave it to proof.

Both of the fillings for these buns are made with store bought red bean paste, while the recipe for the dough is the same dough i used for my rotiboy.

The recipe that never fails to produce the softest, and moistest breads.

Buns, buns, buns


Buns, buns, buns

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