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Bunny Butts

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Happy Hump Day blog friends! I always get excited for Wednesdays because I feel like the weekend is just around the corner.

I had a little bit of a late start this morning, again, but I did a lot between 8:11 and 8:55! But before we get into that let’s talk breakfast.



The bunny butt always mean’s Annie’s, added with the morning time it means Annie’s Coco Bunnies cereal!!!!


So yum! And fun

Winking smile


I had an average size bowl, probably two servings, with soy milk. I love how soy milk tastes with cereal. So much more flavorful than regular milk.


My cow was interested in breakfast this morning. My cow was confused over the concept of soy milk.


So back to everything I accomplished this morning. I did two very important things. First…

I paid the last two parking tickets I had from my university. This means that my diploma will no longer be on hold and will be shipped to me so I can officially be a diploma-d and graduated adult. I’m so excited to see it.

And second…

I bought the domain name For those of you who haven’t followed my blog from the beginning you don’t know that my blog was originally called Simply Maren. That was before all the food and fitness. When I switched my blog to the name Maren’s Morsels in the Summer of 2010 I started thinking about changing over my domain name so it would be easier to find. Having two names for a blog is confusing.

I haven’t moved everything over yet and don’t worry, if you still go to I’ll have it linked to my new domain at for a while so that you have a chance to get your rss readers changed.

My blog wont change… at all! I just completed this re-design and I love blogging about food and fitness. I’m just finding it a new studio apartment for it to live in. I place a link somewhere here on Maren’s Morsels when it’s up and ready.

I’m so excited! I get to do blog work again today!

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