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Bumped into My Ex

By Elliemendz @EllieMendz
Hey There:
Some of my Tweeps read this from a Tweet posted a few days ago. I saw my ex-boyfriend...with his current girlfriend!!
I think a disclaimer is needed since the term "Ex" has confused several people familiar to my blog. I have been dating and more than once I've been either infatuated, obsessed or have someone very interested in me; BUT none of them have been boyfriend: if it's not on Facebook it's not official and my status still remains "single".
So the "Ex" I'm talking about was a guy I dated for 1 1/2 years, he knew my family and friends, I knew his friends and family, etc. He's a great guy and so far I have nothing but good memories about him, yet I broke up with him and even looking back I think it was the right decision.
Why? I was his first post-divorce girlfriend, not sure if that had anything to do with it, but he didn't know or didn't want to commit. Now here I am, not getting any younger and from previous experience I knew if the guy doesn't know, he'll never know, so the sensible thing would be to move on.
The way I broke up with him was not the best, it was by phone when he was on a short deployment (he's in the Navy). But in my defense, I was not in my right mind, my Dad had suddenly past away three weeks before, my mind was a mess of guilt for not giving him any granchildren, for not achieving more with my life, for not being married and settled, etc. So as I was talking to him on the phone the conversation went that way and I ended up breaking up with him....and he let me go. At the time there were so many other things on my mind that the break-up didn't hurt as much and maybe I wasn't that much in love either.
That was 2.8 years ago, and when I saw him with a new girl I couldn't help the shock. First of all, how many times do you bump into people in San Diego, unless you're a regular somewhere??? It was a true coincidence, but the silver lining is that I was looking a lot cuter than the girlfriend. It was an awkward hello and good-bye, nothing really bad. What really shook me was the fact that the whole reason why I left him was to get serious about getting a husband and forming a family and here I am nearly three years later and still completely single!! To top it off, this comes two weeks before I turn 39, as if my birthdays didn't depress me already.
Now the funny thing came later that night. I remained in shock the rest of the day and since it was a Tuesday I went to The Ould Sod to see my friend Sara, the bartender, and I told her about what happened. So then all the guys near me started talking about their own break-ups, the same thing happened at Lestat's, I guess men or women we can all relate to heartaches and everyone has at least one story.
Of course, don't think that just because I'm avoiding the whole dating thing it means I'm bitter!
Bumped into my Ex
And at least my obsession with getting married has been crushed to a pulp, I feel much more free and happy with being single!
Bumped into my Ex
Really.....I do!

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