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Bullying - Self Esteem, Self Worth

By Mollylouise
I though I'd like to write more lifestyle/beneficial post for my followers as I want to help people and somewhat give advice. I will like to try and aim for one post of these lines once a week or more. This by all means isn't a personal attack. (Just a disclaimer!)
If you're reading this because you broke up with your boyfriend, please click away. This post is more along the lines of bullying, verbal abuse and harassment.
Being hurt really sucks and to be quite honest it really lowers your self worth and confident I know it has to me. I got called nasty degrading names and had comment on my weight and body image.
I've been called disgusting, ugly, fat, chubby, freak, chunky, weird. All those being nice-ish ones without swears and curses. I'd hate to know what people say behind my back. I know these wouldn't seem all that bad but they do take a toll on everyday life.
The effects of bullying can cause more damage than meets the eye. Different people deal with bullying differently. But, one thing which is commonly the same is that it does effect self esteem, self worth and confidence. Take the word 'fat' for example, it can make a person change their whole diet which can cause health problems and eating disorders.
"recent study of 600 people in the UK during Anti-Bullying Week by Beat found that at least 90 percent of respondents admit to being bullied at some time in their lives, and more than 75 percent of individuals suffering from an eating disorder admit bullying is a significant cause of their disorder." See more
How scary are those statistics? 75%!
I wish those bullies/keyboard warriors knew what they were doing and stop. I know they'd be unhappy if it was vice versa. If they knew bullying could cause self injury, social issues, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies.
"Children or adolescents who are both bullies and victims suffer the most serious effects of bullying and are at greater risk for mental and behavioural problems than those who are only bullied or who are only bullies." See more

Bullying - Self Esteem, Self Worth
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