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Buds & Blooms Tissue Paper Flowers

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Buds & Blooms Tissue Paper Flowers I love how Lois Elhert illustrates her flowers in “Planting A Rainbow” so I thought they might be fun to create with a little added dimension in tissue paper.
1. I used my blue colored cardstock paper from Staples for the background. Students used green paper to cut three stems and multiple leaves. All were glued down with a glue stick.
2. The blooming flowers were made by cutting a gluing down consecutively smaller circles, just in the center, ending with a small colored center. Buds were made by cutting a circle, then folding it in half 3 times to get an 1/8th, or what looks like a slice of pizza. It's glued down just at the point, and then covered with a green cup shape on top. Repeat until the paper is filled with spring flowers.

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