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Budget Remodeling for Small Bathrooms

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

When you want to change the look of your bathroom, you will be faced with a quandary if your bathroom is quite small. Most designers create bathroom fixtures that are more suitable to large bathrooms. One can understand that the designers are looking to maximize profits and therefore create expensive items. However, here are a few tips that you can follow to remodel a small bathroom using a small budget.

Inexpensive Stylish Shelves

You can use any free space for the installation of stylish shelves. The space above the toilet is rarely used, and this could be some convenient space for you. You should use a light-and-dark scheme which is ideal for making a space appear larger than it is.

This small bathroom features remodeled floor and wall tiles that are great on a budget - and is that a gnome?

Is… is that a gnome??

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Personalize the Bathroom Floor

If you do not want to buy expensive rugs, and fear leaving the floor bare, to avoid slipping, then you can add texture by removing some of the tiles, and adding pebbled flooring to the concrete beneath. You can also buy textured tiles which are not expensive and replace some of the smooth tiles. You can use pebbles that are of a similar color to the remaining tiles which is something to chew on.

Change the Sink

If you have a large sink, then you can install a pedestal sink which leaves a lot of space, making the bathroom look elegant and large. You should use a smaller sink, and this will make the room larger. You can also reduce the size of the mirror above the sink, and place a small oval mirror. By changing to smaller items, the bathroom will look much bigger, and the costs will be low.

Budget Remodeling for Small Bathrooms

A splash of color – in this case, with works of art – will make any small bathroom look great even on a small budget

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Change the Color of Your Bathroom Walls

It is documented that some colors make rooms appear much larger than they actually are. When you want to remodel a small bathroom, it is best to choose paint that will make the restroom appear bigger. Light colors are the best and the most suitable for making rooms seem larger. On the contrary, dark colors make the walls seem closer to anyone standing in that room, thereby making the room appear to be smaller than it actually is. It is also harder to see a bug or a mosquito in rooms with dark colors but that is another topic.

Create Open Storage Space

Closet doors have the effect of making bathrooms look smaller, and they add costs. Leave your shelves open, and use storage baskets to separate different items. You can have some for the towels, dirty clothes, and so on. You can also use small transparent bowls to store soap, cosmetics, and so on.

Using these few tips, you will have remodeled your bathroom at a low cost which was your top priority. In addition, you will have accomplished another pleasant objective in making your bathroom appear to be larger than it actually is.

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