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Buddy Fergurson's Tips for a Safe Pet Halloween

By Dianefergurson
Last week when Buddy Fergurson and his mom were at the Vet's for Buddy's scheduled dental procedure, they picked up a print-out listing tips to keep your pet safe during the upcoming Halloween holiday.  Since Buddy now has his own blog, he thought it would be nice to share what he learned.  Of course he had to dress up a little bit first...
Buddy Fergurson's Tips for a Safe Pet Halloween
~ Opening your doors to trick-or-treaters can increase the chances of your pet running out.  Try to keep an eye on their whereabouts at all times.  If feasible, keep cats in a secure area or closed room when opening doors.  Try to designate a secure and safe area of your pet's safety.
~ Pets are naturally curious and candles should be used with caution.  Pets may be attracted to the bright light of the flame in dark areas.  Dogs and cats could either burn themselves by the flame and/or knock the candle over, starting a fire.
~ Candy or gum sweetened with Xylitol is toxic and should always be kept away from your pet.
~ All forms of chocolate can be harmful to your pet, potentially resulting in poisoning or severe pancreatic or gastrointestinal upset.
~ Keep candy well-sealed and out of the reach of pets.
~ Place all festive decorations out of the reach of pets.  Refrain from using small or low hanging items that could possibly appeal to pets.  Ingestion could cause choking or even result in the need for surgery.
~ If you dress your pets for Halloween, make sure the outfit is roomy, reflective and fire retardant.
If you think your pet may have ingested anything toxic or has been injured, please contact your Vet or Poison Control ( 888-426-4435) immediately.
Buddy Fergurson's Tips for a Safe Pet Halloween
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