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Buddha Statues At Home

By Vsudarsan
Buddha statues can be seen sitting or standing, smiling or laughing, and with his hands in a number of different gestures. Just as in yoga, the various poses you find Buddha in is called asanas, and the placement of their hands in to various positions is called mudras. These postures and gestures all carry different symbolism and relate to different qualities embodied by the Buddha, including grace, balance, compassion, wisdom, determination and courage.
Half-closed eyes show a state of meditation: looking outward and inward. Elongated earlobes hear what's needed in the world. Mudras have different meanings, such as teaching or protection. Some other symbols: A dot on the forehead brings wisdom and a third eye to see unity. A full mouth indicates eloquent speech. Long arms signify generosity. White, slender fingers symbolize mindfulness, precision and purity in every act. Round heels represent an even temperament, and fine webs between toes and fingers signal interconnectedness.
You need not consider yourself a Buddhist to procure a likeness of the Buddha for your home or place of business. The Buddha is recognized as a symbol of peace of mind. A glimpse of the sublime Buddha, with his eyes gently closed and his lips curved into a subtle smile, may provide inspiration to deepen your own practice of inner peace.
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Along with this beautiful note, I have a few peace-loving rooms showcasing Buddha statues to share on this page.
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