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Brushed off

By Golfrefugees

Golf Refugees agree with the PGA of America, who are opposed to a proposed ban on players anchoring long putters to their body. Who also feel making golf easier would help grow the game and is ready to resist a possible move to reign in the distance golf balls travel.
"If you do anything that's going to cause the rank and file amateur player to not hit the ball as far, there's no way you're going to enhance their enjoyment of the game," US PGA President Ted Bishop said.

Golf Refugees spent a long time perfecting their broom-handle putter. Not sure what we are going to do with it now. The governing bodies (blazer squads as we like to call them) should not prevent 99% of golfers using the latest technology just to appease the 1% professional players.

It's a tricky one, as sport brands marketing peeps want to be able to say their pros use the same equipment and play the same courses as the rest of us.
No point paying Rory a hundred million plus dollars if you can't reasonably argue he's using same ball, driver etc. Not that he is.

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