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Brunch at Ribelle

By Kerrieurban @itakepicsoffood
   I've been wanting to try Ribelle for awhile, and finally made it in for brunch with the bf this past weekend. The menu is extremely inventive with lots of smaller plates to share. At our servers recommendation we shared one sweet, two savory dishes, and a side. We tried to mix a few of the more adventurous dishes with others that seemed more within our comfort zone.
   Bomboloni + cinnamon-sugar, espresso pastry cream - these were miniature balls of fried dough served warm with espresso cream. They were definitely my favorite, and I would love to have these for breakfast or for dessert after dinner!
Brunch at Ribelle
   Potato raviolo + beef hash, salsa verde, ketchup, yolk - This was one of my favorite dishes - I've had raviolo with egg yolk before but never with the addition of the braised beef and mashed potato. The combination was amazing, savory comfort food at its best!

Brunch at Ribelle
   We also tried the sesame buns with panelle (Sicilian fritters), calabrian chili mayo, and lettuce. These are popular street food in Sicily, but unlike anything I've every tried!
Brunch at Ribelle
   Of course no brunch would be complete without bacon - this dish came with peameal bacon and a potato cake (like hashbrown). which is made from boneless pork loin rather than pork belly. It's much leaner, and tastes almost like thinly sliced ham.
Brunch at Ribelle
   I enjoyed the brunch at Ribelle and appreciated the creativity of all the dishes. There's definitely nothing like it in Boston, and can't wait to come back for dinner!
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