Fashion Magazine on the Winter!

By Cgajid @cgajid
Bit of a cheesy title, but I think we all are discovering that the weather is changing drastically, snow next week we hear? ALREADY?! So you get the jist; it's getting chilly. It first properly hit me tonight actually when I was going out for a jog, let's face it us vintage lovers like to keep in shape to make the vintage look fab ;)... So, this made me in the mood to look at new coats on the web that we at vinchi love, so here's a few photos of what's looking snuggable in the coat department..
As we said before, big buttons is the way forward! this cute little white number may be simple, but those big bold black buttons (bit heavy on the Bs there :P) sure make this coat a whole lot more, well... wow! on the winter!
Everyone needs a good old trench.. on the winter!
We personally love this, it's got the barbour coat style but with that bit of extra comfort with the fur collar, mmmmm fur :P on the winter!
Why not go all the way to the floor? Those knees can get pretty chilly you know! on the winter!
And oh my the puffer coat; don't they just make you feel you're getting into a zip up duvet? on the winter!
So that's a few of our fancies that we at Vinchi would love to snuggle ourselves into :) but why not check out for gorgeous vintage apparel along with coats and jackets not to mention our amazing deals suh as 75 percent off!!
Love Vinchi x

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