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♫ Broaden Horizons 2: Drum and Bass Roots ▶

Posted on the 10 August 2012 by Alreadydidit

♫ Broaden Horizons 2: Drum and Bass roots ▶

Since everyone is so hyped about dubstep these years, it is only fitting to get to know where its roots are, so I thought to rattle the cages a bit and put together a definite playlist of timeless drum and bass and jungle classics that sweep the floor even after ten years and more. I hope that this weeks Broaden Your Horizons Playlist enlightens a bit why some old-school junglists might look down to dubstep as an immature little brother of drum and bass.

At the time, in 1990′s and around Millennium, drum and bass was just emerging into mainstream culture, and only after you started hearing Amen breaks in shampoo commercials, next generation had to find and define their own PUNK sound to fight against the conformist lifestyle that that stands against everything being young and free is not about. This difference in attitude between older and younger generations never changes.

Now, dig in!

▶ Broaden Your Horizons Drum and Bass playlist

♫ Broaden Horizons 2: Drum and Bass roots ▶

♫ Broaden Horizons 2: Drum and Bass roots ▶

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