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Life in MARS? I Am Skeptic, but the Latest Curiosity Panorama Makes You Wonder… (VIDEO)

Posted on the 28 August 2012 by Alreadydidit

Panorama courtesy of MSL/NASA

It is in our nature to find patterns everywhere.
Thus I am a skeptic.

Also, the simplest answer is usually the right.
Life, however, is so complex that above cannot hold always true.

Thus, I am also an optimist, a dreamer and not afraid to question my reality.

I have just one question for you

If you were to go to Arizona desert or Death Valley and pick a random, untouched location, how many rocks with these kind of shapes and patterns you’d expect to find on the spot?

Mars has had last 4 billion years to shape these rocks,  but consider this – regardless of the location Curiosity were to land, we can assume that it is a fair sample how most of Red Planet looks and we can extrapolate on it.

Logically, these kind of rock formations must be in abundance, or NASA is just damn lucky. Based on one image is hard to conclude anything, except to analyze whether that shape can be natural or required intelligent life form to scuplt it. But hey, mission was to determine if there were life of MARS…

I am still skeptic, but also not afraid to question reality…

- Just Another Superstar

Life in MARS? I am skeptic, but the latest Curiosity panorama makes you wonder… (VIDEO)

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