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A Sneak Peek to Top 40 Progress

Posted on the 02 November 2012 by Alreadydidit

It has been a couple of months since I updated this. For a good reason. I prepared full time to finish my entry to International Songwriting Contest and managed to submit my entry yesterday, just few hours shy the final deadline. This contest only measures skills as a songwriter and singing skills are not important – Which suits me perfectly at this point, because I have yet to start serious training as a singing star.

I was not able to finish exactly the song I have in my mind, because I am such a perfectionist and it is an epic 15 minute extravaganza with very detailed nuances, especially what comes to arrangement and delivery of vocals. Even the sketch is incredible though and should do good and I entered it in Pop/Top 40 category. Realistically, I think my chances to win the whole contest are rather slim, but I would not be surprised to win that subcategory and at minimum I expect to get to semi-finals. Note – this is first time I have entered to songwriting contest, specifically – and this is my FIRST vocal song ever.

My manager/mentor and a good friend says that I resemble one very famous American singer who has deceased long time ago and also another very popular European singer who is doing alright, even after a long career. I will write more in the following weeks and months about my progress and also about creativity, as I have been writing even during this absence, but never got around to post here.

I aim to finish my debut single by end of November, so just a month to go. All music is practically composed and now I am doing arrangement and fine tuning and rewriting lyrics to some portions. This song will be about 15 minutes long and with enough sections and lyrics to cut it to 4-6 hit singles. Main song – the hit – which starts this up, is exactly 3 minutes and 20 seconds, which should do well on playlist rotation. I will shed more light later to the whole thinking process and what went into every conscious choice as every detail there matters and has a reason behind.

Once that debut gets out there and grows into massive proportions, I intend to reveal in minute detail what went in to creating a Billboard #1 hit, because that kind of transparency will be one of my trademarks as an artist and a superstar to be. To let other’s see what I see and to feel what I feel when I am at my best.

I will trail this short re-introductory post with a gallery of my workbench on a computer. I use and have tested probably more music production software, synthesizers and filters than anyone else and as a result have over 20 000 hand picked samples and on top of that hundreds of presets and unique tricks I have come up with to construct the best sounds and very nuanced details and textures that create the unique sound that is present in my music, regardless of genre.

If you have ever been curious to see what goes on into creating a timeless pop song that breaks all the known boundaries of music making and see what a cutting edge modern musician and a producer today sees in front of his/her eyes - below is a few screenshots of my project (actually just a portion of it).

PS. There exist hundreds of hours of unedited video of my composing/creative process. By themselves they are not very interesting for the most part, but have couple ideas to cook something fast paced and cool out of all of that.

A sneak peek to Top 40 progress
A sneak peek to Top 40 progress
A sneak peek to Top 40 progress

A sneak peek to Top 40 progress

A sneak peek to Top 40 progress

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