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Bringing Out Their Best: Raising Children with Healthy Relationship Mindsets

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10033422 Bringing Out Their Best: Raising Children with Healthy Relationship Mindsets

Children should learn from their parents to be respectful and how to set boundaries early on in their development. This will help them set the stage for healthy relationships in their future, because children who are given love, affection, encouragement and attention from their parents, will learn how to treat others in the same way. Children repeat the behaviors they see around them.

Teaching Respect

The attitudes and behaviors of parents in the household have a strong effect on children, and parents who show disrespect towards one another will teach their children to act in the same manner when they become adults. A parent who shows respect toward one another and solves their problems in a constructive manner sets a good example for their children. This will allow them to learn respect, understanding, healthy communication and how to resolve conflicts.


Children need to be taught to have boundaries for themselves, and in turn will keep them safe and allow them to learn about other people’s needs and feelings. Parents should communicate their own boundaries while interacting with their children, take for instance if a child does something to a parent that they do not like, even if it was in a playful manner, let them know that it was wrong to do so. As they grow older and begin to interact with their peers, it will be easier for them to handle conflicts since they have some understanding of boundaries.

Speaking Their Minds

An important thing that parents should teach their children is to speak up! It’s a shame that this is often overlooked as a stepping stone for what to teach children, but this can be very helpful when it comes to having healthy relationships. Let them know that what they have to say and expressing their feelings is very important, and no one should ever tell them that it is not. Children who have a sense of self-worth are usually less likely to get caught up in unhealthy relationships of any kind.

Behaviors towards Others

Proper behavior should clearly be communicated to children by their parents at all times, because if it is not enforced on a consistent basis, children will learn to push the limits to see what they can get away with. They need to be taught to always be respectful, and parents should let them know, that no matter how angry they are at a person, they still need to show respect towards that person. Respect is very important in a relationship, it needs to be instilled in children early on so they will be less likely to engage in destructive behaviors.

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 Bringing Out Their Best: Raising Children with Healthy Relationship Mindsets

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