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Bring Personal Change in Life with Real Life Examples

Posted on the 05 April 2017 by Lifecoachbloggers
Techniques for Creating Social Change in Life using Mnemonic Device--Examples IncludedMnemonic devices are both simple and interesting as well as very useful not only for school students but also for business executives such as managers, team leaders and sales professionals. GOSCT (Pronounced GHOST) is a business mnemonic that helps to recall different techniques to manage change both in personal and business life.
Change management is one of the vital life skills which is as important as soft skills and behavioral skills for almost every individual.
GOSCT mnemonic stand for:•   Goal oriented•   Other consideration•   Slow down•   Cherish the change•   Track changesCreating and Bringing Change by Putting Goals in PlaceGoals could be divided into short term and long term. To bring change, one must clearly write down the goals for better clarity.
If a manager want to bring change in the social behavior of his/her team members. Clear short term and long term goals should be listed:
I want my team members:•   To use pleasant, courteous and kind words when they interact with the customers•   To dress appropriately and professionally during the business client meet.•   Have a friendly smiling face during department meetings.Once the goals are written down, it is easy to find ways to achieve each goal step by step.Inspiring Leaders Consider Others' Learning Curve While Bringing Social Change Some people are quickly adapt while others take time to adapt. A good leader would understand this dynamics and take careful steps to address sensitive issues, yet bring the change in smooth and charming manner.
Example of change management by considering others:
A short conversation between a team leader with a team member
Team leader: “I’d like you to work with Ms Smith from next week”Team Member: “That would be difficult”Team leader: “May I know why?”Team member: “Most of the time we have difference in opinions and I feel she is too sensitive”Team Leader: “For a month, all three of us can work together and I will help you till you get accustomed to Ms Smith”Team Member: “Yes, that would definitely help”Slow and Steady Wins the Change RaceSince creating a social change involves others feelings, emotions, actions and behavior, one must slow down, take one goal at a time, so that there is a smooth transition while bringing the change.
Example of change management by a parent and a kid:
Father likes his daughter to take up music classes and yoga classes, cut the time down on watching TV, and reduce the usage of mobile phone. To bring these changes, father can take one goal at a time. For instance, in the first month, father can suggest her daughter to reduce the usage of mobile phone. See the change progress. And slowly, once this goal is achieved, father can move to the next goal of cutting the habit of watching TV and so on.Cherish the Change
Once the goal of bringing the change is achieved, one can relax and cherish the change. Enjoy the sense of fulfillment and contentment before moving on to the next goal of creating change.

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