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Bright Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

By Vsudarsan
The kitchen backsplash adds color, texture and personality to any kitchen. It is an important design element that is not only dazzling but is the ultimate surfacing option to keep water from seeping through the walls between your counter-top and cabinets. Wall paints are not water-resistant and will be almost impossible to keep it stain-free.
Ceramic tiles, porcelain, glass, marble, stone and mosaic are the most popular backsplash options, using stainless-steel, cork, bamboo, laminate, etc., are also evolving. It is easy to pick a backsplash design for solid counter-tops and lighter cabinets; it can be a bit tricky for granite and darker cabinets. Bring in as many samples as possible -- try different sizes, shapes, patterns, color combinations that include monochromatic, contrasting and harmonious colors before you finalize.  I've a page filled with colorful tile backsplashes that might give you some ideas...
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