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Bridal Makeup for Lips - Bobbi Brown Tulle #34

By Kerker @sparklingker
For my wedding, I ended up picking Bobbi Brown Tulle #34 for my lipstick. Finding the right shade was really hard for me especially since I hardly ever wore lipstick and on top of that making sure it coordinated with the rest of my makeup, dress and my theme!?! Thinking about it now gives me a headache.
I went to every single cosmetic counter in David Jones but no one was able to help, they all provided the same response "it depends on what you like" how do I know what I like if I'm not use to wearing lipsticks???!!! Some suggested to try the long lasting lip products as they were popular for weddings, which I did but they dried out my lips and I didn't want sultana looking lips on my wedding day. I opted for something that provided moisture but on the downside I would have to re-apply every couple of hours so I picked Bobbi Brown Tulle #34.
Bridal Makeup for Lips - Bobbi Brown Tulle #34 
Bridal Makeup for Lips - Bobbi Brown Tulle #34 I forgot to take a pic of it when I first bought it and now the photo is a little gross after I used it a few times lol Bridal Makeup for Lips - Bobbi Brown Tulle #34  It looks a little darker in the photo than what it actually looks like.Bridal Makeup for Lips - Bobbi Brown Tulle #34Here is what it actually looks like on the day. I had lip liner on but I don't know what color it is. I didn't ask my MUA, she just match the shade of my lippy. Bridal comb is from this post. I haven't blogged about my earrings, not sure if you guys want to see it in detail? Bridal Makeup for Lips - Bobbi Brown Tulle #34
I'm actually quite happy with this lipstick, it's the perfect pink and looks natural too. My mom the typical asian wanted bright red lips but I refused, you cannot use bright red lipstick on my fat lips it just looks weird. I've actually worn it a few times after the wedding, I think I'm slowly converting lol. The finish is awesome, not matte but not shimmery either. Colour is thick and creamy. Price was $44/45 (can't remember) but next time I'll buy it online bit too pricey for me.
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