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Brick and Mortar

By Kerrieurban @itakepicsoffood
   Earlier this week I headed to Brick and Mortar for a few drinks and apps with some coworkers. Brick and Mortar is a speakeasy style bar in Central Square, and true to form it was in a very non-description location with no sign or indication it was there (upstairs, next to Central Kitchen). In fact, I've walked by that place dozens of times without realizing it. When we got upstairs we were able to grab a spot at a high top table across from the bar.
Brick and Mortar
   We ordered some drinks from a fun cocktail menu which included drinks like Crush On A Stripper and Duck You Sucka! I went with the Temporary Fix, a mix of citadelle gin, citrus, and cassis. When it came out, it looked like a giant slushy!
Brick and Mortar
   I wasn't quite sure whether to just drink it, or wait for the ice to melt a bit and actually try to eat it like I would a slushy. I decided to just go for it, and enjoyed it like a cocktail.
   I had dinner plans and wasn't planning to eat, but I was way too temped by these fries not to order them!
Brick and Mortar
   They were Brick and Mortar's version of Poutine with crispy duck confit, jalepenos, and melted gruyere cheese. These were even better than I'd hoped (if that's possible); the cheese was warm and gooey and had a consistency more like fondue. These did not last long at our table.
   We also tried the fried pickled vegetables, which I enjoyed (but not as much as the fries).
Brick and Mortar
   Although I didn't get to try the burger, it looked amazing and got rave reviews!
Brick and Mortar
   I'll definitely be going back to Brick and Mortar for both food and drinks, and the unique atmosphere. It's a new favorite in Central Square!
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