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Breaking Bad Would Have Been More Boring If Hank Was On Facebook

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

The Associated Press reports that Facebook has warned the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to stop creating fake Facebook profiles. The letter follows a woman alleging that a DEA agent used photos from her phone to create a fake profile, presumably to trick her Facebook friends into providing the agent with information.

3 Signs You May Be Interacting With A Fake Facebook Profile

1. Is someone trying to conduct an illegal transaction with you on Facebook? While this may seem like a contrived premise of a bad movie, we hope for a movie called Ocean’s 14, where member number 14 is a fake Facebook profile trying to steal a casino steamboat.

2. The person has a long list of “likes” of illegal things or things related to drugs on Facebook. That should arouse suspicion, especially if anyone claims to “like” all of the Harold & Kumar movies and “doing time.”

3. The person “likes” battering rams, “busting felons,” and the Disney cartoon Bambi.  What kind of message is that even sending?! Answer: the person did not put a lot of thought into creating their fake profile.

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