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Branding: Building a Lifestyle Not a Clothing Line.

By Bruby @mz_new_ruby

Branding: Building a lifestyle not a Clothing Line.

Today, fashion is not just something you wear but something you live in. Consumers don't just want cute clothes but a brand they will love and connect with. To respond to this new demand, lifestyle brands have been popping up more and more over the past few years.  Brands like; Johnny Cupcakes, Cupcake Mafia, and Gypsy Warrior have done an excellent job at making their fans feel a connection with them.  Below is a little bit more information about each line and how they have connected with their followers.

Branding: Building a lifestyle not a Clothing Line.

Johnny Cupcakes Coffin Tour at Full Sail University

  Johnny Cupcakes:This brand is an example of how something as small as a t-shirt line can become a movement. Followers of Johnny Cupcakes not only love these cool but somewhat pricey shirts, but Johnny and the whole brand experience itself. Johnny is not a designer but a guy who came up with a cool idea who people happen to  love. He knows that people feel a connection to him as Johnny Cupcakes which is why he has started doing tours that allow him to do pop-up shops around the world like his most recent Coffin Tour. He also makes his store openings spectacles that people will talk about for years to come. Johnny lives by a few main branding techniques that have made his company a major success.1.   “I never took any classes. I just took risks—and learned from my mistakes.”2.   “Good packaging never gets thrown away. It acts as a miniature billboard.”3.   “Sometimes I’ll put batteries in orders. It’s weird. But maybe the next time they walk by a store display of batteries...they might talk about the time this weird guy Johnny Cupcakes put batteries in their t-shirt order.”4.   “When you’re using social media, don’t just use it to put stuff on sale all the time.”Johnny basically focuses on customer satisfaction to help people become connected to his brand. He does this by sending out his items in unique packages with cool surprises inside as he mentioned above, this allows his fans to spread the word about Johnny Cupcakes for him. To find more about Johnny’s Branding techniques, check out the rest of the article on Inc.

Branding: Building a lifestyle not a Clothing Line.

Branding: Building a lifestyle not a Clothing Line.

Me wearing a beanie from Cupcake Mafia

Cupcake Mafia:This brand has no relation to Johnny Cupcakes, well besides maybe the name. It would be offensive for me to call Cupcake Mafia just a clothing line, no being a Cupcake is a lifestyle choice. The women who run this brand have done everything from starting their own language to making sure their products actually smell like cupcakes when they are sent out. The brand does an excellent job with fan interaction on social media sites like Instagram where they post outfits and have fans give their opinion on it or even vote on what shoes should be paired with their new shirt. They have also built a celebrity following as the brand has just recently been featured on the reality show, “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”. Another thing that sets this brand apart from the rest is it’s charitable connections, Cupcake Mafia donates 20% of their profits to their Save the Cupcakes Foundation for Breast Cancer. I’m a huge fan of this brand and I hope to see them continue to rise to the top!!
Branding: Building a lifestyle not a Clothing Line.

Gypsy Warrior:The two brands that I have listed above are more street-wear brands but of course that’s not the only lifestyle around. What about the hippie-chic fashionistas and music festival lovers? The answer is Gypsy Warrior. This line is geared towards free-spirits who love to wear boots year-round. Of course since I have moved to Orlando and found new hippie friends I have learned to love Gypsy Warrior, especially since I attempt to wear boots all year. They do a pretty good job of interacting with their fans by connecting with bloggers all over the world, sponsoring Coachella outfits and even posting daily inspirational posts on their Instagram page. For all my free-spirit’s out there Gypsy Warrior is where you want to float to next.
Branding a clothing line is an art that some clothing lines have mastered and some have not. There are many other brands listed below that you may want to check out. What brands do you align your lifestyle with?
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