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To Rent Or Not to Rent?

By Bruby @mz_new_ruby
Hey Fashionistas!!
As the holiday season approaches fashion lovers everywhere have two things on their mind. One, finding good deals on all of their holiday shopping and of course finding the perfect outfit for all of those holiday functions! However spending time in the mall preparing for the holiday's is now becoming a thing of the past. In fact actually committing to a holiday dress is becoming a little ancient as well. With awesome rental websites popping up all over the place, shopper's can rent something for themselves or allow everyone on their shopping list to rent what they actually want. Some of my favorite rental sites are listed below, take your pick!
To Rent or Not to Rent?
1. Rent The Runway- This website allows members to rent fabulous dresses straight off the runway. The site is separated into various occasions like; Birthday, Wedding, College and Girl's Night Out. The site requires a membership to order but there is no monthly membership fee, instead you pay every time you rent a dress. Minimum dress rental fee's start at: $50
2. Le Tote: This site is an unlimited clothing rental site. Member's receive a tote with 3 garments and 2 accessories for a monthly membership fee of $49. What makes this site cool is that you really can get as many totes you want in a month. For example if you finish your tote in 3 days, you can send it back and receive a new tote immediately. That would allow for almost four new totes in a month. You can also keep that one tote for as long as you want, when you are all done wearing the item's just send them back.
3. StitchFix- This site allows user's to order several items at once to try on at home. They only have to pay for what they keep. It takes all of the fear out of online shopping!
4. Birchbox- While not a clothing site, this membership site still provides exclusivity and beauty. Members pay $10 a month and receive sample sizes of beauty products curated especially for them by BirchBox. What's cool about this site is that if members find a product they love they can go back and purchase the full size on the Birch Box website.
Most of these membership sites are new startup's but they are still pretty awesome, I recommend browsing them all and seeing which one you want to sign up for first!!!

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