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BRAG: Black Retail Action Group

By Bruby @mz_new_ruby

BRAG: Black Retail Action GroupWho is BRAG?The Black Retail Action Group was set up to help African American's feel included within the fashion and retail industries. It started in 1970 as an extension of the National Negro Retail Advisory Group.
What type of services does BRAG offer?They offer separate memberships for high school students, college students and professionals. For the college programs they have separate chapters at various colleges. If you are a BRAG college member you may qualify for various scholarships or their internship program. High school BRAG members may be eligible for some college scholarships as well.  Along with its scholarship programs BRAG also awards it’s professional members.  The awards are listed as follows: The BRAG Business Achievement Award, The JJ Thomas Business Achiever’s Award, The BRAG Legacy Award, and the Special Recognition Award.
   BRAG EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT SERIES   One of BRAG’s signature programs is there executive development series. They focus on the training and development of retail professionals no matter where they are in their career. This program is a series of workshops that focus on building the professional as a brand and making them shine within their company.
Want to find out more about BRAG? You can check out BRAG’s website today if you want to find out more information or inquire about joining.
You can also shoot them an email: [email protected]Phone call or Fax:  Phone: 
(212) 234-3050 

(212) 234-3053Mailing Address: PO BOX 1192
Rockefeller Center Station
New York, NY 10185
I plan on becoming a member of BRAG myself and I would recommend any fashion, retail, or wholesale professional to join as well!

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