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Brace Yourself.

By Jenrene
Brace Yourself.

Taken by JenRene Owens

I sometimes talk a walk and get lost in my thoughts for an hour or two in a quiet place, and my, oh my, does it rejuvenate my soul.   Being alone with myself has become a  relaxing practice  of self nurturing.The opposite : places like malls, shopping areas or crowded busy-ways tend to make me more wound up, so its critical I take some time for yourself and  relax in a place that makes me feel like I am are hiding out in a secret place no one else knows about. There are several things that help us to maintain a sense of peace and quiet in our souls. Usually it has to be someone with whom you can “be”  yourself. If you desire to be calm and quiet, or you desire to be still sometimes a certain specialness will  enter into  your space. For me, it’s word-power. I will just hear words. Maybe , because I am a writer, and maybe not. Maybe because the Spirit just speaks when I am still. Well, one day when sitting still I heard this: brace yourself.” God began to build and altar in my life, and together we began to climb it.   Now, even though this word came to me several months ago (early in 2012), I have contemplated it  - over the past few weeks of this summer. I had some really surprising news come to  me the other day and it was very unexpected.  Although it was good, news; it was very surprising. Had I not been still and in a quiet place, and contemplating continually this year, I probably would not have been able to  believe   it  could be possible! I really had to brace myself.   So it appears even “good news “ can rock your world and have  you riveting  from shock.  I cannot say what the blessing was, because it has not completely unfolded and i don’t want to spoil it. But I promise I will come back and tell you once it unfolds.Have you ever heard of the law of attraction ? Its the notion that  if you speak enough positive in your life, you will eventually attract the things in your life that are positive and will make you happy. It also surmises that if you speak enough  negativity in your life, so also will you reap   negative.  Well, I am a witness, I have spoken literal miracles in my life, and they have materialized. They may not have turned out exactly as I spoke them, but the fact i spoke positive, and positive occurred, fat outweighed the   likelihood of negative happening.So, recently,  I looked up the word “brace” and I want to share with you what I found. So there are a few things that redefined my ability to  “brace myself” One definition was to have “mental and physical  stamina.” Another was to maintain a sense of power and controlYet another involved maintaining your authorityTo command, have dominion and direction. Another involved regulation and having sovereign rule. I think the one that impressed me the most; however, was to have  sense of lawfulness.  Or a regime { to administrate},  or govern. This is pretty deep, because it reminds me that I cannot control anything in my life that  I do not first abide by myself as a rule of conduct, order or principle. This so reminds me of  the need to have rules  and order and  a structure in our lives in order to maintain any level of decency. I love that the word of God says :“let all things be done decently and in order.” I am going to say this with caution, but also with wisdom: this scripture was taken from the word when it speaks about prophecy and the gifts of God. Prophecy is a very hard  element to understand. One of the things that helps  us though to understand the not-so-easily-understood things, is to  consider the ORDER of it, but also to consider its meaning. I Corinthians 14:10 in the NLT says “There are many different languages in the world, and every language has meaning.”    ”My mother always used to say let you yea be yea, and your nay be nay.” In other words, if I have  a desire to be in agreement with something make sure i can also practice the same. If I am not in agreement, then don’t catch myself later doing something I  am not in agreement with. I believe if we all stood true to this purpose in our lives, it would help us to refrain from LOADS of trouble we could have avoided.  As a child, Iearned a sense of integrity at a very youthful age because I would watch people and tried to understand their actions. It has helped me though to consider what it means to be lawful and respect laws on the earth, and the spiritual laws that also help me to have faith about diverse circumstances. Simply put, the people I hang around had to begin to conform to my values and beliefs , and if they did not overtime, they would no longer be a part of my life. If  you would like  to  evaluate  further , your self ideal and your own inner motivations, stay tuned for  the e-book coming soon! 

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