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Box Dye Conditioners

By Behindtheseclosedeyes @theseclosedeyes
Box dye conditioners
If you are a user of boxed hair dye then you'll know all about the miniature intensive conditioners that are included with the kit and as a regular hair dyer I have accumulated a fair amount of extras over the past few years. Now that I'm coming close to finishing a couple of full sized conditioner bottles I thought what better time to make use of these little sachets/bottles and free some more space in the bathroom and boy am I glad that I did. I forgot just how lovely these little conditioners are and I can promise you that my hair has never felt better than when one of these is used to replace my normal conditioner. Of course these treatments are more intense than your average conditioner as they are intended to protect color and add moisture to dried out hair and this has resulted in super soft and shiny hair which is a great bonus! I've had a look online and I'm not sure if these conditioners are available to buy on their own, although I do remember seeing them in the hair dye section when I worked in Boots at the start of the year. If they're available then I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking to give their hair a bit more life and have it looking as if you've just stepped out of the hairdressers.

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