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Booyah! Gumption!

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

Not unlike making a huge pot of booyah stew… many nourishing ingredients also go into the making of one’s booyah spirit.  Today’s ingredient:  Gumption!

“Are there things you would love to do in life that you haven’t because you are fearful or unsure?  Embolden yourself with the knowledge that within you — resides GUMPTION!  Those fears and apprehensions are an illusion that your mind has created over the years.  Like a horse with blinders on, focus and look forward; tune out all the background noise where your mind is telling you “no”, and take a leap!  Your heart will race, you may feel queasy, faint, or shaky… but the fear is all in your mind.  Get off the fence of indecision and take a chance!”
– page 80 of Booyah! Spirit

Booyah! Gumption!

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