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By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
 I've been after a pair of ankle boots for a while now. The problem is I'm fussy, possibly as fussy as they get. The only thing I'm not fussy about in life is food and you'll all know if you follow me on Twitter what a big foodie I am, (Lizzy from Blue October has high appreciation for this!) I've written about my search for some side zip ankle boots previously and ultimately I ended up falling head over heels, (like the majority of women in the UK) for Topshops 'Ambush' ankle boot. However, I always feel a slight niggle and reluctancy to spend £75 on a pair of shoes from Topshop. I know full well, however gorgeous these boots may be, they are only going to be a short term relationship. Lasting until around end of April when May appears and flip flops will be adorning my feet 'til I'm forced, (yes actually forced) to once again wrap my feet in a boot. I will then be wanting a new style, whether that be knee high, wedged or platform. Popping into New Look, I decided to part cash with their side zip ankle boot. I did really want them in black, but decided on the camel as it'll see me further into the warmer weather. They're an absolute steal at £19.99 and really I would have been a fool not to purchase them. I've received so many compliments and they do seem to work with a million outfits (always a good thing!) Although they are a boot that needs to be broken into. The past few days my feet have been left feeling rather battered after a full day of working in them. I think it's time to buy me a foot spa...
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