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Book Review : Unbound- Indian Women at Work

By Pragyasharma57 @pragyasharma57
Sophisticated formals, high heeled stilettos and a charming aura There's a whole bunch of other things that define a working woman's life in India. 
With half of the population belonging to the conservative background, a woman's career often takes a backseat. Thanks to alteration of this culture by westernization, there has been a radical change in people's perceptions over the years but that comes with its own share of added problems in her life, let it be marriage, children or gender discrimination at work. 
The author went to the core of the problems faced by the women @ work in India, that you could actually relate to yourself or those surrounding you. But when it comes to more sensitive issues like dowry, the author is not biased. The unfair use of the dowry weapon by some women is also highlighted and how the genuine men fall in the trap. Nearly all the stories are very inspiring and a gives us a knowledge about some of the unheard truths and unseen circumstances that we go unaware of in the rosy lives we live (Yes we do!).
A worth read. Buy it here!

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