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Book Review -The Science of Black Hair

By Naturallychique32 @kirigoliz

So I recently ordered this book which is considered to be the “Bible” of black hair. Blogs all over the internet are raving about it, so I figured why not see what this book is all about for myself?

So I started reading the book this afternoon and I am awed by the amount of knowledge it contains. Miss Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, the author, starts off with giving us her background and how her hair troubles began, it’s the same story we have all heard before, hair that would not and did not grow past the shoulders. She tells a funny story about how she unintentionally evacuated a swimming pool while at a party at one of her friends’ house. A braid came off loose and the poor little girls thought is was a snake. I can imagine a lot of us black gals can tell a similar funny/embarrassing story involving braids or weaves.

The author goes on to give the reader the lowdown on how hair is formed and what it is composed of. She talks about the different types of hair and oil distribution and a host of other interesting facts about hair. Miss Sivasothy goes into such details about hair and the scalp and one really gets to understand one’s hair.She explains the pH of hair and how to raise it or lower it.

I am still reading it, but I can say that so far I am impressed, the author obviously has done her research. I am now building a healthy hair care regiment, only this time I am making educated choices and I am getting the optimal results. The Science of Black Hair has taken away the guess work that involves hair products, and now I know exactly what I am putting into my hair and what I should expect from a particular product.
If you have not read  The Science of Black Hair or even heard about it or are contemplating buying it, I would suggest you have a look at it.This book should be a staple in every black household.It will make you reevaluate your haircare practices and will also explain why your hair is in the condition it’s  in.

There is  an official website about the book. The website has some great tips on haircare, but the book is a whole lot better. Enjoy!

Book review -The Science of Black Hair

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