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Book Review: The November Note

By Anjanroy @Anjan5Roy

Book Review: The November Note
Book:  The November Note
Author:  Sanchit Goel and Prateek Verma ISBN:  978-81-926780-0-9 Genre:  Fiction Price:  100 ( I got it from Author himself) Pages:  176 Publisher:  PepperScript
Introduction: A real friend is someone with whom you can confide yourself without worrying about the consequences of your indifferent past or your probable future.  A friend with whom you Share, Fare and Care about life and most importantly learn to live life with all the happiness and unhappiness around. ‘The November  Note’ is a journey of two unknown people  who met anonymously, led friendly and shed tears affectionately until they become inspiration for each other’s life. A grueling fictional story depicting hostel life, life in general and special of two about to be engineers which am sure will touch every reader’s  heart more so for all those who come from engineering background like me.
So here I go with ‘The November Note’ relieving some of my old memories as I felt I could see those incidences right from my hostel window, like waiting for something miraculous to happen…this November…!!!
Cover Page: Sometimes the look of it gives you the impression that yes…this would be something you would be interested to vouch about. Cover page itself will instigate you to go through the book in one go. Two friends sensing the aroma of leftover leaves sprawl over their arms while looking over the city, with one sitting on the bench and the other holding a guitar makes you believe … they do have a story to tell and the car on the back page encompasses the journey they are going to cover together. About the Authors:  Sanchit Goel and Prateek Verma are authors turned entrepreneurs who co-founded a Delhi based publishing unit PepperScript.
Considering the positive response and love received by their debut novel, they decided to republish it in a whole new avatar as ‘The November Note’. It’s the most awaited revised edition of 'The Bachelors Theorem'
Compositional Report: ‘The November Note’ is a story of two acquaintances Midhansh Bharadwaj and Sidhesh Aggarwal who through the companionship of each other changed the direction of their life…to be exact their love life.  This book is divided into 6 parts or I shall say 6 episodes each having an importance is if a different story to reveal.
Midhansh narrates the 1st part briskly on how he came up to his college and met various people and finally settled in to form a mushrooming group of punters with all punctuations including hostel life, Ragging blues, Exam fear, Partying and not to forget sorting out ways to get a girl go along with you.

2nd part was about the growing friendship of Midhansh and Sidhesh as it was the moment when Sidhesh revealed about his life, the first time when he met Jiya, His instant falling in love with her, proposing her, Celebrating a grand Birthday, talking overnights, 12th exam Blurs, their quarrel… in short Sidhesh lived his life the way he wanted but still wasn’t happy because of the uncertainty of his relationship with Jiya in future.

3rd part again swayed back to the hostel which included their growing friendship with other hostel
mates, their whooping, freaking Wassail, horrendous results and their passing up with girls around in college…which shows the true colors of jealousy, rage, misunderstanding and fooling around.

4th part continued from where 3rd part ended and revealed the characteristics like revenge, Astuteness and mischievousness. While this part was also the turning part of the story as it also exposed true friendship and the way Midhansh reacted after their loss in the sports events was the highlight of this part.

5th part was all about the finding the hidden trails and it divulged the truth about Midhansh which no one knew including Midhansh’s parents and this to me was the best part of this story when you get to know about the hidden secrets and you tend to look at your friend with ingenuity as if a soul sent to you by god to wipe up all your troubles in spite of having a world complexities in his own personal life. 

6th part deals with the impishness of a true friend and truly speaking any person who would have been there in place of Sidhesh would have done exactly the same…to try your best for a glimmer of hope for the person who led his life for you…for your happiness.

As for the negativeness…the third part which swayed from the personal life of Sidhesh didn’t go well with the flow of the main theme. The end of the 3rd part was equally lose as it was written as if it was a conversation about two people Midhansh and Sidhesh whereas up-til now it was Sidhesh who was narrating the story…the ending too didn’t seem to have a conclusive ending as the epilogue promised with a suspense starting. It was an abrupt ending nothing was mentioned about Midhansh and his current situation and the focus shifted towards the other part of hostel life with Grand Pa’s (Anubhav Goel) Story.

Overall a story where every engineer can identify themselves as if it’s something they have faced or have seen their friends going through. A story I believe everybody would like as stories about college and hostel are worth reading and going for in your leisure time…'The November Note' is a story about True Friendship, Love, hatred and the rest is up to you to find yourself.
Rating: I would give it 3 out of 5 Book Review: The November Note Life Adjudication of the book:
This book is best read to live in those sweet-sour moments of your life which you yearn to live again and again…!!!

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