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Book Review - The Green Room by Wendell Rodricks

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc
Book Review - The Green Room by Wendell Rodricks
Introduction - The Green Room by Wendell Rodricks is an autobiography of  the man who is close to his roots that belong in old Goa yet managed to carve a niche in this ever changing fashion "industry" and wherever he went. You might read "lucky" in terms of getting what he wanted.
Instead of giving you every bit of the book, I would rather discuss why you should read this book.
10 Reasons to Read "The Green Room" -
1. The purpose of writing this book is clear. Wendell Rodricks is not a name made in a day or in some time. "Green Room" takes yout to each and every person, place and reason why Wendell Rodricks did not remain only a name.
2. "The Green Room" is an autobiography. Hence it brings you detailed flavors of places, cuisines, culture and people around the author.
3. It is said to be insider of Indian fashion industry which may sound crass, but you will know important details of our fashion industry without a "rude" description like what made LIFW and WIFW, why and how senior disgners score their shows and young designers looking for a place in two main events of Indian Fashion Shows etc. A mellowed down narration of modeling agencies, fashion shows and who did what and then became what.
4.  Chronological insight on a boy's life from a Mumbai chawl, a village in Goa to a young 20 something in Oman, in Los Angeles, in Paris and everywhere else his life took him until he became the author.
5.  How is it different from other autobiographies? The magic of autobiographies are moments which made the author reach the heights and recognition. Recognition can be different for many people and the same way Wendell Rodricks  managed to be recognized as a fashion designer and a gay who is lucky enough to have found encouraging people and partner around him. Jerome is one such name. (Read to know why, when and how)
6. After reading "The Green Room" you'd kow how to translate the emotions and inspirations from non-living things and transform them into your creativity.
7. "Models have natural gaydar" An interesting moment of green room. I laughed really hard.
8. "Being a gay is not that gay" The green Room reflects a touchy narration of someone who represented gay community during the time when he could have dodged the situation.
9.  The importance of song "Over the rainbow" in the author's life.
10. Last but not the least - despite of beautiful description of characters in a book, you feel the need of some visual reference like pictures. I was mesmerised to see some pictures of the author's personal album. So would you.
A reason why I was disappointed after reading the book - In testimonials, it is said to be an insider of Indian fashion industry. But I felt the need of little more about our fashion industry and who's who.
If you are fond of coffee, a coffee table, fashion, cultures, cuisines and couture then you will be hooked to "The Green Room".
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 Book Review - The Green Room by Wendell Rodricks About the Author - Wendell Rodricks spent his childhood in Bombay and started his working life in Muscat. He then moved to Los Angeles and Paris to study fashion design and couture. He returned to India in 1988 and quickly gained repute as a designer, working with renowned brands such as Garden Vareli, Lakme and De Beers. He established his own label in 1990 and moved base in 1993 to Colvale, Goa. A pioneer in the world of Indian fashion, Wendell is considered one of the most influential designers in the country and has received international acclaim for his work. Wendell also writes about fashion and lectures on world costume history. His book on the history of Goan costume, Moda Goa, was published in 2012. He is passionate about art, music, literature, food, travel and Goa’s environment.[blogadda]
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