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Book Review: The Forgotten (John Puller Book #2)

By Bameskaur Pabla @bameslive
The Forgotten (Puller, #2)The Forgotten by David Baldacci
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The Forgotten by David Baldacci revolves around Special Agent John Puller who works within the US Army CID. His paternal Aunt, Betsy, sends his father a letter wherein she says that there are problems in Paradise, Florida where she lives. John Puller's father is retired commander Lt. Gen. John Puller who is now a patient at Virginia's VA hospital for his Alzheimer's.

As John comes home from his previous assignment, he learns that his father has become rather upset since receiving the letter. John decides to visit him. Because of his Aunt Betsy's letter, John Puller goes to Paradise,Florida. But, upon reaching there, finds out that his Aunt Betsy is dead and he feels that it was not due to an accident. Then there are a few more deaths -- and they were people who knew his Aunt. John Puller does not believe in coincidences and he becomes more determined to find out what is going on. Add to that, there are two men in a car that appear to be following him.

As he conducts his investigation, he comes across a giant of a man named Mecho who helps him out when there were 8 men determined to beat him up. His friend Gen. Julie Carson -- a one-star general -- also decides to help him out. Together they uncover a human trafficking operation that spans several countries.

The book is full of action. It also delves into the human trafficking world where people are simply "taken" and then sold as slaves -- women and pretty young boys are the most profitable because they earn a lot of money for their owners as prostitutes, people who can be used as drug mules are second in earning potential, and those who can work as laborers are the lowest rung of the profit ladder. David Baldacci does a good job in his exploration of human trafficking.

All in all a really good book.

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