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Book Review: Romi & Gang

By Anjanroy @Anjan5Roy

Book Review: Romi & Gang Book: Romi & Gang
Author: Tushar Raheja
ISBN: 978-81-926810-0-9
Genre: Fiction
Price: 149 (I got it from Author)
Pages: 237
Publisher: Pirates
Going by the general consensus: Let me first begin with a question- what’s the most cherished moment of your life. I am sure without much discrepancy memories of our childhood stands out tall amongst all the reminiscence. Its right we all wanted to grow up at a certain point in time but there are instances when we all wanted childhood to stay forever.  Romi & Gang is a fictitious tale of such an evocative narration which claws us back to our childhood days, to all those memories we wanted to stay lifelong.
Cover Page & Title:
Romi & Gang is ably depicted through the cover page and any onlooker can visualize through the cover page  i.e., it’s a fitting story of school going chaps from the hills who form a group and the title concedes a conform to be partners through all ups and down in line with those of a gang. What is conceals is worth pondering as it encompasses all the passion and those childhood dreams we all want to accomplish.
About the Author:
Tushar Raheja’s first book was the popular comedy, Anything for you, Ma’am. At the moment, he is a doctoral candidate at IIT Delhi in the field of Applied Probability. He can be contacted at [email protected]
Compositional Report:
Romi, one of the members of York, a cricket team perceives it’s upon him and his team to restore the long lost pride of their School by conquering the Eagles (a cricket championship) after a mysterious disappearance of his proficient brother Kim. Romi is moved by his brother’s skill and more often than not comprehends he has to win the championship for his brother. A team which could make Romi’s dream into reality includes Versatile Sunny, Dodgy Sukhi and blunt Golu. Romi considers his team along with Kim’s inspiration is enough to revive his fortunes but is always circumspect about Sunny edging over him in terms of his abilities. 
As it’s said will and determination can follow suit only when it gets the adequate guidance required. No doubt Romi and his group had the caliber but they need to last and there Victor sir came along with timely counseling from Romi’s first coach, his Dad. Coupled with the moral and mental support provided by Romi’s dad and victor sir’s physical forbearance Romi and his gang were up for the grabs first to impress their school as they could compete with the seniors and then challenge five time winners St. Martins for the Eagles.
Characterization of the passion for cricket for me is the highlighting part of Romi and Gang and it does take the center stage as whatever is followed up in the story has a direct impact on the lives of each and every person involved. Victor sir’s note to Romi, Romi’s Father’s inspirational tips as well as sunny staging ahead of Romi even at the end needs a special recognition as far as the story is concerned.
As far as the loose end is concerned it would be Kim’s absence. There was no reference of any whereabouts of Kim which was carried in suspense all throughout and it ended in suspense. Ending also showcased unfortunate partition of Romi’s kingpin Sunny because of the mishap which was again a mystery to seek.
Over all Romi & Gang is an effluent story of Romi, a story of a teenager chasing his dream.
Tushar has efficiently delved into the characterization of Romi along with his other gang members Sukhi, Golu and Sunny. Plots and subplots were carefully fed to bring out the essence and it never did diverted from the theme and thus we get to read a vibrant story of teenagers is aptly conceived and then portrayed through a mesmerizing story line where a reader can connect vividly.
Rating: I would Rate Romi & Gang 4 out of 5
Book Review: Romi & Gang
Life Adjudication of the book:
A Book where you can go back to your past and relive those dreams with a penchant smile…!!!

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