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Book Review: Nadia's Obsession

By Bameskaur Pabla @bameslive

Book Review: Nadia's Obsession
Nadia's Obsession by Charles D. Martin
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received a copy of the book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Nadia's Obsession is a follow-up to the book Provocateur. The story of Nadia’s Obsession revolves around a Russian-born lady named Nadia Borodin. She was an orphan and was raised in one of Russia's infamous orphanages where there is no form of affection given to the kids and only the strongest make it. She has had a very hard and impoverished life. It was only thanks to the Russian education system where college education is free that Nadia was able to further her studies.

In order to escape her life, she became a mail-order-bride and came to America. Because of her very high level of intelligence and her looks, she caught the eye of an ex-CIA agent named Olga. Olga has a rather unique organization. Olga has a team of women who are highly-trained, talented and skilled in many things. Nadia becomes their most successful member because of a case involving a Russian oligarch named Russoff. But Russoff is not happy at all with what Nadia has done and he will stop at nothing to get even.
Nadia gets caught and is tortured for information about a computer program that she allegedly stole. But nothing they could do could make her talk and her captor is getting impatient. Will Nadia be able to save herself and those she cares about?
Nadia's Obsession is a story that is full of suspense, thrilling action and intrigue. It starts off wonderfully but somewhere down the line, the plot becomes a little "thin" for me in the book's latter part The thing is that Nadia is supposed to be extremely intelligent and she even wins a chess match against an experienced grandmaster but she is unable to find a way to escape when she gets caught -- she doesn't even try -- I mean, really? There are some inconsistencies much like that within the book. And I would have given it more stars if it weren't for those inconsistencies.  However the book may prove to be exciting enough to a lot of other readers. Especially those who enjoy having a strong female lead.
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Book Review: Nadia's Obsession

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