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Book Review: Mr. Right, Right Now!

By Elliemendz @EllieMendz
Hey There:
The complete title is "Mr. Right, Right Now! How a smart woman can land her dream man in 6 weeks" by E. Jean Carroll is a semi-interesting read originally published in 2004. After awhile, her writing style just got on my nerves and all I could do was glance over the book to catch the interesting bits.
The funny thing about this book is how I got it in my hands to begin with. I was browsing in a used books store and noticed this book, actually there were two of them in the shelf. The title caught my eye and I decided to buy it for a friend of mine as a gag gift (seriously!). Everything was great until I reached the cashier and I was so embarassed about buying it that I just had to say it was "for a friend". Which was completely true, but she must have thought I was that "friend." So after I gave the book to my friend, I got some courage and decided to buy that second copy for myself.
I'll give you a quick summary of the book, the author writes a column called "Ask E.Jean" for Elle magazine. If you have read her before and like her style, buy the book. If you don't but are curious, get it from the public library.
Week 1 - "Lashing your brain into man catching condition" and Week 2 - "Snow White and the 7-Day pulchritude plan". The first two weeks you're supposed to dedicate them to yourself and get in a state of mind where you stop feeling the need for a man, thus the men will want you (they want what they can't have). I'm not sure about the two weeks, I've been doing it for four months and I'm not there yet.
Week 3 - "What to do when the freaking-out thing kicks in". Useless chapter where the author has a conversation with fear and kicks it to the curb.
Week 4 - "The 119 best places to meet the male beast". About 60% of those places have to do with sports and the rest are the typical places all other books mention like church events, concerts, with friends, bars, online, etc major discovery here.
Week 5 - "You see him...and you absolutely lose your brain." Gives a few good tips on how not to loose your cool when you see someone you like. In my opinion you should practice your flirting techniques like you would your elevator speech, that way when he comes along, the flirting comes naturally. I can't tell you how many times I forget to give my sexy wink.
Week 5 1/2 - "How to ask a man out". Exchange phone numbers, if he doesn't call, you call him. But the important part is not to care about it (get back to the state of mind from Week 1)
Week 5 3/4 - "Intimidating the poor bastards? Good!" Don't be afraid to be bold and stand out as the alpha female.
Week 6 - "How to mop up the floor with men". If you click, great, but don't give it up too quickly, but if you do be cool about it afterwards.
I would recommend this book only to women who already like the author, otherwise it's annoying as hell!
Book Review: Mr. Right, Right Now!

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