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Book Review: Extinct

By Bameskaur Pabla @bameslive
Extinct Extinct by Ike Hamill
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I swear that I do not remember from where I received a copy of this book. Because of the number of books I have on my "to-read" pile (not exactly pile because it is all in my Kindle), it is tough to figure out from where I received a copy of which book at times.

Extinct's story revolves around a young boy named Robby. He lives with his parents on an island in Maine. A blizzard turns their lives upside down as it brings about so many weird events including the disappearance of almost every one on their island. Robby and his parents try to escape but "borrowing" a boat. However, Robby's father is "taken" and so is his mother. Robby is left all alone in a "borrowed" boat on the water hoping to find somewhere that the "extinction event" has not touched.

Are there others like him -- survivors? Is there somewhere he can go that is not destroyed by the freak events? Are his parents and friends all dead?

Extinct is a book that young adults (very young adults) will be able to appreciate (I think). The action sequences are fast enough paced and are somewhat exciting but -- yes, there is a but -- there are just so many things missing.

For one thing, how does Robby know about extinction events? He is smart but to immediately jump to such a conclusion so early in the book raised my eyebrows so high that I almost lost them. And there are parts of the story that appear to be clipped out or missing.

All in all, there may be readers who will be able to appreciate this book but I am not among them.

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Book Review: Extinct

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