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Book Feature: TIE Soup of The Socrates Project

By Theindieexchange @indieexchange

The rules are simple – use the letters of THE INDIE EXCHANGE or the title of your book (whichever is LONGER) to describe your story. Thanks to Daron Sheehan, author of The Socrates Project, for taking the plunge and being the first to do TIE Soup. If you want to try fill out the form here -

Book Feature: TIE Soup of The Socrates Project

T is for “time” – the Sicads must stops humans from self-destructing – time is running out

H is for “humanity” and “hope” – the sicads are inspired by humanity and bring us hope

E is for the “Earth” which the sicads fall in love with

S is for “Socrates” – the source of the sicads’ wisdom

O is for “Oceandis” –Simon Oceandis is the leader of the sicads and more of a man than most human men.  It also stands for “optimism” – The Socrates Project is an uplifting book

C is for the “Commander” Gort the Sicads’ bitter enemy

R is for “Reno” – Bruno Reno – The man who dared to dream a better world

A is for “adventure” – The sicads thrive on adventure, it makes them feel alive

T is for temptation – Simon Oceandis is tempted to breach the Project rule of “no physical relationships with humans”

E is for “energy” – the sicads take the energy from the sun and the wind and running out of energy is fatal for them.

S is for “Sicads” the heroes of The Socrates Project

P is for “project” – The Socrates Project is a secret plan by the United Nations – fact or fiction?

R is for “reality” – The Socrates Project blends fiction with reality

O is for “Osiris” – the female member of a Woarani tribe whom Simon Oceandis falls in love with and also for “oneness” – the sicads see life as one complex network

J is for “Jia” the brilliant but lonely female scientist who created the sicads

E is for “enigma” and “existence”– The sicads want to understand their potentially brief and enigmatic existence

C is for the “Clavs” the rebellious youth counter-culture the sicads encounter

T is for “tradegy” – The Socrates Project is a story of passionate love, but also of a tragic unreciprocated love

Book Blurb for The Socrates Project:

The Socrates Project is a secret attempt by the United Nations to avert the predicted collapse of our civilisations. Simon Oceandis heads up the sicads, who must blend modern science and ancient wisdom to find the solutions before time runs out. Not everybody welcomes the Project. An influential secret society plots to discredit and destroy the sicads. Torn between the love of a beautiful scientist and a fiery tribeswoman, Simon discovers an exotic world of adventure and wonder. To find the answers to save humanity, he must undergo a deep inner journey, yet his life becomes a frantic race for survival.

Author Bio:

Daron Sheehan grew up in the United Kingdom around the Chilterns countryside, near London. In 2006, at the age of 36, after a successful career as an accountant and investment manager, Daron Sheehan took a career sabbatical. He spent this period engaging in a range of adventure expeditions, charitable and educational projects in wild natural space across Europe, South Africa and the Middle East.

This three year sabbatical, spent sharing the pains and passions of a group of inspirational characters from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, helped formulate many of the ideas behind his first book The Socrates Project.

After reading a translation of Victor Hugo‘s novel “Les Misérables“, Daron decided to learn French in his early twenties. His love for the French culture and language motivated him to write The Socrates Project in both English and French, assisted by two French-speaking journalists.

Daron is married with three children and enjoys rock climbing, snow sports, cycling, running and sailing. In 2009, inspired by his sabbatical years to help solve environmental and social challenges, Daron returned to the investment industry to create a responsible investment venture.

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