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Bones 7x09: The Don't in the Do

Posted on the 17 April 2012 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

Bones 7x09: The Don't in the Do

Original Air Date: 16 April 2012

StorylineA blue corpse discovered at a landfill inspires squint Vaziri's creative side in a scientific way. His results send the team to investigate a hair salon and its inhabitants. Meanwhile, Booth plans something special for Brennan, who is unhappy with her post-partum physique.Best Quote:

Arastoo: It got pulled in favor of a puff piece about Selena Gomez on a fossil hunt.
Brennan: I am not familiar with Dr. Gomez's work, but I am sure I would enjoy reading it.

Review: I hate product placing in TV shows and movies. Actually, I hate any kind of product placing. And when this happens so obviously as it did in this week's Bones episode, it just pisses me off, because this is not a show that needs this kind of obvious publicity. Sweets' robot car scene was awkward and it took all the charm from an otherwise flawless episode.

Rant over and moving to the actual installment. We're two weeks in after Brennan gave birth to that adorable baby and I don't feel this show has lost any of its magic. Au contraire, it stays strong on the procedural front and the family life that was added this season was a good addition to everything else. I deeply enjoy watching Booth fret over Bones' mood swings and try to give a mundane explanation to them, when all she does is rationalize everything, as opposed to what any other woman in the world would do after just having given birth.
And despite Seeley's comment about walking into an airplane propeller, which was simply hilarious, though any other woman who wasn't Brennan would have probably felt offended, he's just the ideal man, isn't he? It's sweet that he tries to solve his problems by himself, and even sweeter when he reluctantly accepts advice regarding the type of lingerie that would best fit his partner's "mangoes". 
But let's move on and talk about the procedural part as well. It always amazes me the imagination the show's advisers must have in picking out the most original ways a body can decompose and this week's method was especially cool. Having blue birds fall from the sky right in the middle of a religious ceremony was particularly hilarious for me, seeing how I hate religious nuts and the significance behind birds dropping dead is quite powerful in christian mythology. The blue pigment was just one of those details that enhanced the mystery and made me pay extra attention to the case as opposed to being more interested in the personal aspects.
Another thing that kept me connected to the murder investigation - other than the victim's gorgeous hair (and that is why I don't go to salons - was Arastoo Vaziri's secondary plot. It was refreshing to see this show go back to the basics of forensic anthropology and feel the bones. Don't get me wrong, I think the Angelator is really cool, but it was nice to see that non-computerized science won the game this time.
Other highlights: Brennan thinking that a tanga is "a seaport in northern Tanzania"; the one-sided bromance between Booth and Sweets (and Sweets' knowledge about female lingerie - did anyone else think that the no crotch thingy was a bit disturbing?); the final scene, that proved that couples can have fun even after they have a baby.Bones 7x08: The Bump in the Road Back to Season 1

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