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Boehner and McConnell - A Cause for Weeping

Posted on the 09 November 2012 by Lowell

Boehner and McConnell - A Cause for Weeping
The Republican leaders in Congress are children. The United States is being led by people who know not how to act as adults. The limp-wristed McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, and the weepy John Boehner, House Majority Leader, have once again exhibited the kind of behavior that most of us left behind on the elementary school playground!
According to the New York Times, on election night, when President Obama was certain of victory, he immediately reached out to these two members of the other party (or should we say the Opposition?) in an attempt to mend fences and begin working on the problems our country faces, in particular the one represented by the term, "fiscal cliff."
In both cases, these Republican nogoodniks refused to take the call of the president of these United States. They were "sleeping," the president was told. It's hard to imagine a more deliberate snub, a more childish response to the election, at least by two men who are supposed to be responsible persons and who have in their hands the power to help fix many of the problems that we face as a nation.
For four long years, these two men have neglected their sworn duty in order to feed and maintain a vendetta against the first "black" president of this country. For four long years, these two men have sold their souls in a misguided and futile attempt to oust this first "black" president and regain absolute power. 
Notice I'm using the word, "black," as I am convinced that the hatred and animosity shown for Mr. Obama as president is fueled by racism, and is unparalleled in the history of our country, even taking into consideration the hell that Mr. Clinton received at the hands of the same Republican Party.
But whatever the reason, we are stunned that these two Republican leaders would give the president the "finger". Not surprised, but still stunned. And we are discouraged. For several seconds we thought that with a decisive Obama victory, they would realize that their failure to lead and their pursuit of a vendetta against the duly elected president of the United States was rejected by the majority of the people of this land and they would change their ways.
There was a hint this might be possible when, shortly after the election, Boehner commented to the effect that the Affordable Care Act was the law of the land and while it may need some adjustment, he would not work to repeal it. As soon as this slight mention of possible cooperation and bipartisanship was made public, he "walked back" those words!
Boehner and McConnell have the spines of jellyfish. Yellow must be their favorite color as they are both cowards! I don't know why Boehner cries all the time, but he certainly gives the nation cause for weeping.
The New York Times article is here.

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