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We Do This in the Name of Our Dear Leader...

Posted on the 24 June 2018 by Lowell
The following rant was written for another website in response to a story about the U.S. Navy building "concentration" camps in remote areas of the county to house the hordes of immigrant "criminals" and their babies stealing across our borders. We do this in the name of our dear leader...
Let's think about this for a moment. During Hitler's reign, could the generals that crowded around his tent done more to mitigate his ruinous tenure or were they all complicit. We know that some generals were involved in a failed plot to kill him, but what about the others? They followed this demented evil person into the pits of hell because, why? He was their supreme leader, their commander in chief and if he wants to destroy the world, well, what could they do?So now, the U.S. Navy, a branch of service in which i served so many years ago, is kowtowing to our own demented evil person into the pits of hell by building concentration camps in remote areas of the country. Why remote areas? For the same reason the Nazis put their camps in remote the people couldn't see the poor souls caught up in the nets of government/military depravity. Why not try Auschwitz? i hear that place is still intact and could be made ready in no time. I'm sure there are other sites in Poland that are also intact and could be restored to concentration camp glory with time to spare.Not only so, but as Trump has informed us, thousands of criminals and worthless dogs are scrambling over the border and into our country on a daily basis, which means we'll have to figure out a cost-friendly way to deal with them. Aha, the showers. Yes! These terrible women and children and their hard-working husbands are really no better than animals, according to his highness, the Trump, So we can use whatever means best suit our needs to keep the numbers down and the costs up because, doubtless, corporate crooks of all stripes are salivating while lining up, hand out, to do the dirty work, for a price, of course. The showers should do the trick and the cool thing is they don't use any water.If you had suggested 40-50 years ago, that we'd be in this situation and that millions of our "good Christian" citizens would go happily to Trump's rallies to sing his praises and condemn millions of other of God's creatures to a living hell, I would have said you were crazy. I guess I might have supposed something like this might happen in Europe but never in this fair land.I didn't realize the line between right and wrong was so thin and so easily cut and that greed and ignorance and racism would coalesce to create a new and deadly society where the norms of decent people would be overrun by a truly evil man and his blatherings. George Will is now telling people to vote Democratic in the next elections. Well, Will, thank you but you're too late with too little. The true believers have taken over.We're going to put thousands of people in concentration camps for NO reason whatsoever other than to appease the diseased brain of a president whose entire life has been one built on one catastrophic lie after another!
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