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Body Transformation: In Search for Greatness

Posted on the 01 March 2018 by Cindywright

I am Martez Wilson. I am 21 years old, living in Missouri Joplin and a college senior majoring in health promotion with a minor in Chemistry. I play football, basketball and ran track. I've always been active. I have two siblings. My dad did some semi-professional boxing and football and my mom went to college for volleyball.

My biggest motivation is the world and life. When I did my sports, I was always active but never was happy with who I saw. But I looked past it thinking it would get better. I fell into depression and anger. I would curse at God why would He made me like this, then I saw a motivational picture of a guy who felt the same way I did and I wasn't convinced yet but it got me thinking God will throw hurdles in our way but it's up to us to jump over them and He is never going to out in a race that He knows we couldn't finish so now I wanted to do something about the way I feel but I had no drive. I was still angry and depressed then I stumbled upon Shawn T and Insanity and watched the trailer a 100 times.

I bought Insanity. It was hard at first, but after I lost that first bit of wait I was happy I started lifting then, but still wasn't turning girls heads. I know that's shallow, but that's all teenage boys think about. I found a weight room and starting lifting and seeing gains and I was happy for the first time in my life I was happy and didn't care what anyone thought cause I was doing if for me. At that point, I realized this is my life this is what God put me here for. I love what I do and want to show the world I love it and hopefully will do shows when I gain a little more. I want to help others get to where I am not just physically but mentally.

My favorite motivation is Chris Jones representing physique of greatness, Mike Rashid and etc. There are tons on YouTube, my greatest is my parents and friends as they pushed me. They said if you don't like the way you look then change yourself! Then you watch all these guys who do the same things who have been through what I have been through and to me it's like if they can do it then why can't I what makes them better than me, NOTHING is the answer there nothing that they do that I can't and that drives me to make myself the best me I can be.

Body Transformation: In Search for Greatness

My diet changed a lot cause I was new to this world. I wanted to try everything. I did intermeted fasting which is I would eat only one meal once a day and get all my calories in. I lost weight but it wasn't for me. I love food then I have done the liquid diet and the only brown rice and chicken breast, same result I lost weight it just wasn't the best for me so the one that stuck and really start showing result is simple: count your macros and micros. I would get on and track everything. I make sure I was burning more calories then I was taking in! Then GNC and I became close. I used almost everything there I used the sst thernogenics which works great. I used the pump HD pre-workouts and C4 pre-workout. C4 is my favorite, it gave me tons of energy and a great pump then I have used all proteins, mass gainers and my favorite is Carnivor Protein. It ha made me put on 14lbs. I take my protein in the winter for my bulk and Cc4 then my workout I got from years of studying and thousands of videos.

I devised my own super workout. I do 4 sets of 8-12 reps of everything and I super set so if I do cheat I'll do bench 8-12 reps then I will get on the goring and do as many push-ups as I can do then I will take a 39sec to 1 min break and repeat for 4 sets. I do the same thing with every body part over the summer. When I'm cutting, I take my sst and greentea extracts and I'll up my cardio. I do HIIT cardio so I'll do sprints on the football field and jump runs and all kinds of fast quick movements and jumps and that's my summer cutting workout.

I see myself as a bodybuilding champion legend and teaching other people how they can do the same thing. I want to help the world and people and sadly I'm not smart enough to be a doctor and not patient enough to find the cure to cancer or anything so this is my way to help the world so I see myself teaching, doing personal training and hopefully still competing in shows in a bigger city like California or some places that personal trainers are in high demand.

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