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Body Confidence Week 2014 Take Two

By Bethtinkerbell @TinksLostGirls

Aly Bongo created Body Confidence Week at the beginning of this year, and she organised a second week, which was last week 7th July –13th July. I really love Body Confidence Week, it’s something we all need, it gives you the chance to take a look at your body and yourself from a different angle. Even if you are very body confident, there’s a chance there’s still something you don’t really like but you have learnt to accept it. Also during the summer we have different body hang ups to the ones we had during winter, as the seasons change so do people’s expectations of what they want to see.

Body Confidence Week is for everyone, anyone can join in just by using #bodyconfidenceweek2014 on twitter, instagram, tumblr, or any other social media which links hashtags.

Each day there was a theme/topic for the photos, and you took one or chose one which for you represented the theme/topic, and then you had to say something positive about the photo. I think that’s such a great way of doing it, you’re putting a photo out there that you might never have shown before, or would normally have deleted straight away, and then you have to look at it closely and find something you like about the photo, whether it’s because your eyebrow game is on point, or you remember how great you felt when the photo was taken. 

Day 1: A photo as you are.


Day 2: A photo you love of yourself.


Day 3: A photo you used to be insecure about but now embrace.


Day 4: An old photo of yourself.


Day 5: A photo of someone you love.


Day 6: Beach/Summer wear.


Day 7: Something we like about ourselves as people.


If you want to know why I chose these photos, and the positive things I saw in them then head over to my instagram and take a look.

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