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*Body Changes In Pregnancy

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx
During pregnancy your body can change dramatically, for some people it doesn't change at all, but we have to embrace it, after all, we just carried and grew a living being in our bellys for over 9 months, I still think its an incredible thing we can do!
*Body Changes In Pregnancy
Excess skin

Probably the most common problem women complain about after birth, there are things you can do to help though, obviously don't jump straight into full blown exercise regimes the day after you've had your little one, wait at least 6 weeks (or in my case..nope still waiting..ha), start with gentle walks, take baby with you, its a great chance for you both to get out too! Move onto situps, 20 a day maybe, just remember though, it took 9 months to grow a baby, it will most likely take that time to get back into shape..please don't worry about it too much though :).

*Body Changes In PregnancyIf after a long time of working out and eating well you can't seem to shift that little "pooch" as I called mine, and it is affecting your everyday life and confidence then you may be considering surgery, im all about personal choices so make sure you think long and hard about it, find the right place and do your research, you don't want to end up feeling worse or end up worse off money wise, speak to your doctor first and look online at Irwin Mitchell for some advice!

StretchmarksOkay, I'm going to be frank and upfront about this one, I didn't get a single one..that was until I got to around 27 weeks..then it felt like I had a new batch every morning, I hated them, I cried, it doesn't make you selfish for feeling that way, people told me 'they'll fade, they'll fade", whatever, I didn't believe them, but guess what? They were right! I use bio oil and most of them are almost invisible!Hair lossI literally lose chunks if hair everyday! Even now, I was so worried when it first started happening, all that extra hair I grew during my pregnancy was now falling out! Ahhh! It's normal though, unfortunately!EyesightI've seen this topic on a few other blogs, I was so relieved when I realised it wasn't just me..ive always had 20/20 vision, but during my pregnancy it deteriorated, not dramatically or anything but I found myself squinting more and things further away got more blurry..I'm now booked in next week for an eye test..wish me luck! :)Embrace your new bodies ladies, look at your gorgeous little baby and realize its really not important if you have stretchmarks or saggy skin..who says you can't wear a bikini again? Suddenly you're unatractive because of little scars and extra skin? confident in your new skin, be proud that you created the most amazing being, you! (well and with a little help from the OH)! Ha. Don't spend your days wishing you looked different, life is too short and before you know it your babies will be grown ups and you'll be telling them not to worry about it too! As a friend of mine says.."women are goddesses" :).

*Body Changes In Pregnancy

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