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#bob: Sunzibar

By Lesassorties @LesAssorties
#BOB: SUNZIBAR What inspired you to start your own blog?

My biggest passion has always been fashion. At the age of six, I started drawing clothes, mainly dresses and evening gowns. Dresses are my long-lasting preference of clothing. People thought one day I would become a designer.
When I was a teenager, I became a real fashion victim. People would stare at me because I attracted their attention with my original looks. Though I didn't care at all about what people would think of what I was wearing, I have to agree that sometimes I was wearing the weirdest clothes. But I was also considered as a trendsetter, people tried to copy me or wanted to buy the same items. So I thought why not be an inspiration for a bigger audience?

How important is the name of the blog?

I think the name of a blog is very important. The name needs to be special and unique. I can't stand all those names anymore, which include the word "fashion" or "style.". Mine is a simple word-game: Sunzibar → Zanzibar. How did it come about? My first name is Sun, and I was searching for a nickname for my Facebook profile to stay private - even secret.

How difficult is it to find a blog niche?

To find a blog niche? Everything already exists, so the only chance to find a niche would be on new social media platform. I mean to become one of the first popular people on a new social media platform.

What is the best way to promote and grow your blog?

I would say being present on as many social media platforms as you can manage. Visit and engage with other bloggers. Be represented by a PR agency to get easily in contact with big brands and designers.

What is your main audience and how did you reach out to them?

My main audience is women between 16-40. I am reaching out to them via several social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Lookbook. I get introduced as a fashion blogger in other media, like magazines or TV, as well, which makes it possible to reach out to a different audience.

How important is it for your business to attend fashion week?

It's nice to connect with other people in fashion industry and it can take you major steps forward.

What are the best tips for building long-term relationships and partnerships with brands?

Building a long-term relationship or partnership means to show constantly interest and to be well informed about the concept of the brand and what they create.

What is the biggest challenge about running a blog?

The biggest challenge about running a blog is definitely updating regularly.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start a blog today?

Ask yourself why you want to start a blog. Set some goals and make a plan how to achieve them.

What are your ultimate plans for your blog/blogging career?

I want to inspire people worldwide with my personal style.

Images © Sunzibar

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